End Another Day

Sept 15, 2018JPEnd Another DayNow it is almost time to start another dayWhich means it must be getting Close to when I’ll fall asleepSome sleeps and mornings arrives in a blinkOther sleeps are fitfulAnd it takes forever to get to the newdaySometimes it’s because I am worried about somethingAnd I have to tell myself what a waste of time that isWorrying about something in the darknessWhen even the light won’t come if you beg it toSometimes it takes forever becauseMy heart keeps missing a beatBecause missed beats wake meAnd I have to gasp to catchA bit of oxygenOther times it’s because I drank too much alcohol, even a littleAnd I always find there is nothing to be gained for sleep from alcoholAlways like a chemically induce deficitMuch better to just not get enough hoursBetween the fall asleep and morning blink awakeThe lackofsleeponyourfeetzombiecomaI get that a lot these daysToo much on my mindThough here at the cabinI can sneak in napsSometimes as early as mid morningFrom these I wake…

Funny Thing About Independence

Funny Thing About Independence17 feb 1988jp melville


Constellation 5 June 2020 jp

Focus is an art…(says he who is notoriously not…)How not to be distracted by constellations so everywhere above and at our feet….
Wherein we are ourselves a constellation.

After Long Days of Travel

After Long Days of Travel 5 June 2020 jp

After long days of travel A night passes And I open my eyes in this strange abode
Rain… Distant thunder… Dog sighs… Drops pattering on roof… Glass distorted wetness… Wind rustles leaves…
Contented aloneness In my mind’s emptiness Awaking with dawn From sleeping on the floor Of a wooden shed
Dog sighs again Rain patters some more…
My skin cool with solitude Caressing my weariness away.

I Whisper In your Ear

I Whisper in Your Ear 5 June 2020 jp

I whisper in your ear… “Away with confusion, haunting, loss…”
For I am here with you, Listening to the rain… the wind… The silence between their voices…
Knowing they will tell you so.