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Dissolving january 2019 jp

Here in am I dissolving In night the darkness coming toward the dawn I see light in snapshots Of your smile Your breath taking away from me Your lips Upon which I draw My fingers entwined in strings of memory Wrapped round the wine that sips Through my lips Yours, wet… And clouds my mind in snowflakes Gentle, warm That float through my eyes in sparkles Across the screen of my mind now mindless ming… A wine soaked video… Oh… I love the light the falling flakes shatter like shot Pain-steeped baptism sweeps a pleasure across my flesh… I can take no more, so… So, Quietly, I take the handle, twist, and step Across the threshold Into shallow snow out into night where none and no one Interrupt the neon lights and shadows in pinks and greens and colours And haze across my drunken eyes Against the rain drops frozen as they fall in plucks and plicks upon my skin Beading diamonds across the windows of my blackened truck The glazed surface of the snow packed street Where now sparkles and frozen mist of…

She Says I Do Not Love Her - Catholic Love

She Says I Do Not Love Her - Catholic Love 14 february 2008 jp

no way to find you hear you read you no hotel phone answers no cell phone reception no text to read
imagined hollowness of the lover spurned empty stomach ignorance swirling my heart a gut ache emotional maelstrom because absence wonders whose body is yours with a physical body perhaps a laughing one over wine
but not mine
if you were not to come home, molly would you easily forget there is warmth to be beside us in voices and company and friends and willingness to join indoors out from the cold come join us home
but if I, leopold, could not come home would i forget
or was my love a memory before i forgot
just a need
guilt sin sickness in a creed of catholic myth.

She Says I Do Not Love Her - Waiting for Another Day


She Says I Do Not Love Her - Line Dropped